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Fri, Feb 23, 2018 | Last Updated 12:24 pm IST

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(2.5*) Janatha Garage Telugu Movie Review, Rating - Young Tiger NTR Film

- 2.5/5
(2.5*) Janatha Garage Telugu Movie Review, Rating - Young Tiger NTR Film ఈ సినిమా రివ్యూ ను తెలుగులో చదవండి

What Is Good

  • Mohanlal
  • NTR
  • Subtle First Half
  • Nature Concept
  • Music
  • Direction in parts
  • Cinematography

What Is Bad

  • Abrupt Ending
  • Nasty Second Half
  • Disconnect in Script
  • Spoiled Climax
  • Kajal Item Song
  • Samantha Love Episode
  • No Entertainment
  • Revenge Like Oldtime Script
Bottom Line: Stuck in between the Class & Mass.


Story starts at the backdrop of 1980 where a combined family of common man - Mohanlal [Satyam] starts Janatha Garage for living and sooner takes a turn to be the savviours of the common people. Satyam family loses their brother happened to be father of Jr. NTR [Anand] and that incident takes Anand far away from the family to Mumbai. Story moves on with oneside in Hyderabad Janatha Garage continue to serve people those who are in the need of support and little boy grows up to be Environmental activist and after about 25 years Anand happen to lock horns with Janatha Garage and eventually becomes part of it without even knowing the family backdrop... What were those situations make Anand lock his horns with Janatha Garage ? How he becomes part of it ? Will Anand be made part of Satyam family again ? What is all this for  to be seen on Janatha Garage Telugu Movie Review, Rating silver screen.

Star Performance

Jr. NTR had been etching himself from the movie to movie... Doesn't matter the result of movie but performances of Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao is upto the stature of his name. The subtleness, cool yet matured atittude portray, emotions and ofcourse dance of NTR are never better than in this Janatha Garage, Only last 20 minutes of movie runtime reminds other movies of NTR such as Rabhasa, Dammu,... It may be script or the direction which made him to do so but rest of the movie it is treat to see NTR on screen. 

Malayalam Versatile Actor Mohanlal has been pleasant, precise, truely impersonated in charecter... You do not see Mohanlal over screen just but his charecter Satyam at all times. Satyam fights, argues, strategizes, cries, runs a family and also kills his own son... At all times you see only Satyam - No Mohanlal. Great artists become Great because they are GREAT. It is his fortune for NTR to act with actor like Mohanlal, It is treat to see both the actors Mohanlal & NTR on screen. Rajiv Kanakala was utterly brilliant on the screen, You may even want to repeatedly see the movie for his episode along with the fight sequence in Rajiv office. Way to go Rajiv Kanakala. Saikumar was as usual.

Samantha and Nithya Menon does not have much role to play... Even within the shorter play time Nithya was okay but Samantha looks boring on screen. High bragged about Item song of the Kajal Agarwal was big let down... Kajal never etched to the item song at all... She was stuck between herione dance Vs Item song dance and spoiled both with the wooden face - posh posture but mass folk dance - worst costumes - It could be better if that item song is taken away from the film.

Powerful hero comes only out of powerful villain - Janatha Garage has the weakest villain in all NTR movies so far and stands out to be utterly mischarecterized and miscasted. Devayani was a mistcast & let down with the same expression throughout the movie, Suresh was also a miscast... the charecter always reminded Rao Ramesh kind of person, Unni Mukundan was too joined the wagon of miscast.

Techinical Team

Mythri Movie makers have pulled out all the marketing stops for this movie. Cinematography by Tirru deserves special mention and he is sure to stay in Tollywood for a while. The visuals and angles are quite creative. He has captured the exotic locales of Kerala in 'Rock on Bro' song. The lightings are also natural and he never made anything superficial. Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao's editing work is great except last 25 mins of the movie.  Koratala Siva has done a decent work in parts in etching aswell shooting the script, He could have made all his hard work pay off by paying further more attention on the episodes of NTR transformation into Janatha Garage as well Pre-Climax & Climax. Not to forget the Art director, AS Prakash has done an incredible job by erecting some lavish sets.  Devi Sri Prasad's music is just giving goosebumps to us each time. He gets better each time around.


Seeing brilliant actors Junior NTR and Mohanlal working together is the highlight of the movie, but they should have brought in some talented screenwriters to get an even better product.  Janatha Garage has thin story plot with most complex combinations of all genres delivered from Koratala Pen So far, This is the movie of all genres [Humane, Love, Society, Revenge, Action], It was Koratala who started a fashion of mixing humane tracks with the commercial films and score success, Janatha Garage well started on the same note... Climaxes, Conclusing the story has always been weakness of Koratala which is evident in Mirchi, Srimanthudu and it gotten worse within Janatha Garage and effects the overall out come of film.

No turns - No twists subtle yet flat narattion from the first frame of the movie till interval made Janatha Garage also to join in the feather of the new genre Koratala has created so far. It was fresh to see NTR the way his charecter etched and good to switch between Hyderabad people orientation to Mumbain nature orientation. Unimportant love track and situations created for songs will throw the movie between a Serious film Vs. Entertain One and makes it win none.

Janatha Garage Struggle starts towards the second half of the movie and only gets worse at the climax with the familiar plot and aged mathematics pulling down it. A crisp running time would have done wonders. The movie turned out Average to Okay, with a few screw-ups which could have been avoided. Don't expect this film to change the history of all films, but expect it to showcase wonderful acting abilities of Mohanlal & NTR.


5:50am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating - Young Tiger NTR movie has been subtle, humane, emotional, romantic, musical bit of all yet has it capitalized on all of these or just end up as a revenge story ?

5:48am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating climax episodes is troubling - reminds sort of Rabhasa

5:40am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating went into it's own lag

5:36am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating entered into the last stage with the final episode

5:29am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating Sai Kumar is taking the Center of stage - Nice way of plotting the story.

5:24am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating is gearing up for climax

5:21am: Quintals of side dancers - Dhaba Attire - Boombastic Music - Sizzling kajal - presents Nenu Pakka Local song of Janatha Garage Review, Rating

5:15am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating getting out to be better

5:07am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating presenting the track between Nithya & NTR

5:01am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating elevated Story, Family, Love, Humane Elements, Music, Dialogues.

5:00am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating NTR performance is natural and amazing - heart touching yet heroic scene - might have never seen such an amazing balanced act from NTR before.

4:57am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating bring backs the family episode very wonderful

4:54am: DIALOGUE: Nee anthatodu ledu ante kaadhu - Neekante Evaru Ledu Ante.

4:50am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating brings back Saikumar as the commissioner of police.

4:47am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating presented an amazing action sequence - You will cherish it for long time

4:42am: DIALOGUE: Mee pillalu manchi vaarankondi sir — Vallaki Meeriche Dabbu Oka Lekka Kaadu - Cheddavaallaithe Meeriche dabbu Entho kaalam Nikavadu

4:38am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating brings Rajiv Kanakaala - The wonderful actor -  Nice Background Music - Womderful etch

4:33am:  Janatha Garage Review, Rating is back with the closeup shot sequences between Mohanlal & NTR

4:29am: First frame to see Mohanlal & NTR ultimate scene and ultimate narration - Peak of JANATHA Garage and subtle interval block .

4:26am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating reaching to it's interval peak NTR entry into JANATHA Garage..

4:19am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating is taking the murkey turn... Family politics and the baddy character etched alright

4:14am: STUNNING - JUST STUNNING art work - looks simple yet quite complicated dance moves and good show of Samantha presents AppleBeauty song and makes it memorable one within Janatha Garage Review, Rating

4:09am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating presented NTR with his unique strengths - mass audiences are enjoying it yet showcasing the beautiful performing side of NTR. Subtle dialogue delivery, underplaying low profile act, NTR has certainly playing a story first art.

4:03am: DIALOGUE: Bhai Kopam - Nee Kopam - Naa Kopam - Thokkalo Kopaalu ... Srishṭi Kopam Munḍu evannee chinnave.
4:01am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating moving onto the serious note

3:59am: DIALOGUE: Naa science lo pratidee chinnade - Naturetho Polisthe

3:57am: Amazing locations, Virgin Nature Scenic Places, Body moving beat, Thought provoking yet hummable lyrics presented Rock-On-Bro song . Wonderful showcase of NTR, Nithya Menon & Samantha

3:55am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating class - massy story with again class - massy music role from Rockstar DSP.

3:52am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating every frame is showcasing either Mohanlal or NTR in the entertaining way.

3:47am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating Samantha as usual on screen . Nithya Menon is bubbly yet witty - most of this generation girls gets connected

3:44am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating going on with sonic speed etched most of the characters already - no twists - no turns - clear elevation
3:41am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating is juggling between Hyderabad & Mumbai .

3:40am:  Janatha Garage Review, Rating just ran a wonderful heroic scene of elevating Mohanlal & JANATHA Garage.

3:37am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating moved onto today's timeline, Mohanlal lost his brother yet continued to provide his support for JANATHA

3:33am: Meaningful lyrics, Thought provoking beat, Amazing steps and Awesome attitude presents Pranamam-Pranamam-Pranamam song.
First song of Janatha Garage Review, Rating .

3:29am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating showcased intro of NTR with cool attitude.

3:27am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating etched out and established the backdrop so clearly.

3:23am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating has moved from Hyderabad to Mumbai but still traveling in the time period if 1980

3:21am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating Been all the episodes humane and the story is been given importance - NTR is yet to arrive on scene.

3:20am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating started portraying baddies . Concept of Janam Kosam JANATHA been built episode by episode.

3:18am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating established the concept of JANATHA Kosam JANATHA Garage.

3:17am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating is been presented with the background voice of Jagapathi Babu.

3:15am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating has been moving on complete full pace - already situated one rape episode.

3:13am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating presented Sai Kumar as IPS Officer

3:11am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating shown Mohanlal & Devayani as pair

3:08am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating presented Mohanlal as The Complete Star

3:05am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating started in the backdrop of 1980

3:02am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating just began with Young Tiger voice of warning people about accidents

2:57am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating be a smashing hit for NTR and for Mohanlal as well for the Tollywood & Mollywood Industries

2:53am: 99% of the fan base waiting are between the age of 25 - 30 years and male . This explains the loyal fan base for Nandamuri Clan


2:48am: Morning 2am - Thousands of fans stocked in front of theatres and shouting JAI BALAYYA - JAI JAI BALAYYA , JAI NTR - JAI JAI NTR

2:44am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating said to be the best of Young Tiger NTR's best, In terms of performance and also In terms of market value.

2:42am:  Janatha Garage Review, Rating  presents Young Tiger NTR in a superb role with the Koratala Siva Story of combining heart touching humane  elements into commercial format

2:40am: Janatha Garage Review, Rating is one of the most anticipated films of Tollywood 2016 and Mollywood for Onam 2016

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2:33am: We are happy to bring you the LIVE UPDATES of JANATHA GARAGE - Young tiger NTR - Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao, Mohanlal, Samantha, Nithya Menon & Koratala Siva  Film.

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Cast & Crew

3 / 5 - 1956
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