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Wed, Feb 21, 2018 | Last Updated 6:52 am IST

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At first, it was Shah Rukh Khan's 'HAPPY NEW YEAR', Now, it is Ajith's 'VIVEGAM' - IGNORE JADED CRITICS

At first, it was Shah Rukh Khan's 'HAPPY NEW YEAR', Now, it is Ajith's 'VIVEGAM' - IGNORE JADED CRITICS
At first, it was Shah Rukh Khan's 'HAPPY NEW YEAR', Now, it is Ajith's 'VIVEGAM' - IGNORE JADED CRITICS
http://apherald-nkywabj.stackpathdns.com/images/appleiconAPH72x72.png apherald.com

Who are these jobless j***s who decide the fate of the movie with their stupid YouTube channel and biased writings? The success of the movie can never be stopped by these biased writings and ratings at any point in time!

So, turning back the pages of history, this is not just about 'Vivegam' alone. Shah Rukh Khan's 'Happy New Year', 'Chennai Express' also faced lots of criticism and despite that, the movie ended up as a Box-Office Hit! 

At first, it was Shah Rukh Khan

Even in Hollywood, Director Joss Whedon was criticized so bad for 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' and he was forced to shut down his fan site and Twitter account. Despite all those, 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' became one of the biggest money making movies for 'MARVEL STUDIOS'. Lots more examples to say where critics lashed out and the movie ended up as the biggest successor!

At first, it was Shah Rukh Khan

What do these so called critics expect? A lifeless drama which we experience in our day to day life? Even before we put our foot inside the theater we know that we all are looking for some mindless entertainment. And still, some fat jerks under the name of critics, review a movie as if they hold all the aces!

At first, it was Shah Rukh Khan

Everyone has the right to judge and criticize a movie. But, intentionally making negative trolls and dragging unwanted abuses under the name of criticism is worse than * * ******************* ** ******* ! Last but not the least, Look in the mirror before you mock other's hard work. Watch out your pot belly, fat a** face, etc., And at least try to make it better with VFX! 

And for the fans, don't listen to these Steven Spielberg and James Cameron's words. They don't define the success and failure of a movie. It's you fans who seal the fate of the movie! Learn to ignore these immature critics, reviews, silly provocative messages. The best you can do is unsubscribe their channel, unfollow their tweets, dislike their page and ignore them. And they will run behind you the next instant.

At first, it was Shah Rukh Khan's 'HAPPY NEW YEAR', Now, it is Ajith's 'VIVEGAM' - IGNORE JADED CRITICS
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