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Tue, Mar 20, 2018 | Last Updated 5:16 pm IST

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Sanitary Worker hit by Lorry, Video goes Viral

Sanitary Worker hit by Lorry, Video goes Viral
Sanitary Worker hit by Lorry, Video goes Viral
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According to sources they may be cleaning up and sprucing up our environs, but sanitary workers work under the most perilous of conditions. Poor pre-dawn visibility and reckless drivers are a constant threat to their safety. Currently this shocking video shows how the lives of those who live "Swachchata Hi Seva" day in and day out, are always in danger.

Moreover this video shows a freak accident that had left a sanitary worker grievously injured. Sumalatha of Parakal, a sanitary worker, is seen sweeping the streets. According to sources a lorry suddenly materializes on the scene and is seen going few feet away from Sumalatha. Then, suddenly the vehicle changes course and hurtles down towards an unsuspecting sanitary worker.

Meanwhile it hits her and its driver moves on unmindful of the accident. It appears the driver is dozing off while at the steering. Sumalatha is flung onto the ground and her colleague, another woman worker, is seen rushing towards her to help her. Sumalatha has since been shifted to the hospital. Accordingly the incident was captured on the CCTV cameras, has gone viral.


Sanitary Worker hit by Lorry, Video goes Viral
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