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Mon, Jan 21, 2019 | Last Updated 9:25 pm IST

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Sterlite Protester threatened by Rajini fans!

Sterlite Protester threatened by Rajini fans!
Sterlite Protester threatened by Rajini fans!

Thoothukudi based Santhosh Raj, the 23 year old, had become the talk of the state, after he had posted a question to Superstar Rajinikanth, who had visited Thoothukudi to meet the families of those injured in Sterlite attacks and offer condolences to the families of deceased. Santhosh had questioned the superstar, who was he, and as he said he was Rajinikanth, the youngster further questioned why it took 100 days to reach Thoothukudi from Chennai, which had no answer from the star, who smiled and escaped from the location. 


Days later, after numerous accusations that Santhosh Raj was associated with another youngster named Dileepan who was arrested last year on charges of burning the national flag, and Santhosh himself was branded an anti-national, following which a video was released. The video had Santhosh explaining what he meant by questioning Rajini, as he said, unlike politicians, Rajini did not need power or position to speak out, as he was always powerful, and hence his participation much earlier could have strengthened the protest. Now, the truth behind the protester's video has come out. 

 Sterlite Protester threatened by Rajini fans!

Santhosh had been hit on the head during the protest, despite protesting peacefully, and his mobile phone was also smashed by a policewoman. Dileep had come to the hospital and had taken a Selfie with Santhosh, and Santhosh had nothing to with him as well. The youngster, a part of all college students Union, is known to daringly question even top political leaders. Santhosh had even spoken to the deputy CM O Panneerselvam, on how much money they had got from Sterlite, for which the Deputy CM had no answer but a consolation that action will be taken, following which Sterlite was sealed. 

 Sterlite Protester threatened by Rajini fans!

He had also questioned Minister Kadambur Raju if he will give a written assurance that Sterlite will not be opened again, following which the minister quickly exited the ward. In a shocking revelation, Vasanthi, Santhosh's mother had revealed that, the members of Rajini Mandram had barged into their ward, took Santhosh to a corner and made him speak in the video, and they had told Santhosh to address Rajini as Thalaivar, while also forcing him to tell that he had spoken so when Rajini met, as he wants Rajini to be the next CM, and that he was a fan. Santhosh was also reportedly made to speak to someone over the phone, who was angry over Santhosh's question to Rajini, and these were behind the video of Santhosh that came days after his question to Rajini, and in fact, they were posted by Raju Mahalingam of Rajini Makkal Mandram. With fear on her face, Vasanthi reveals that it is not the politicians she is worried about but the fans of Rajini she is scared of, clearly explaining the crooked methods adopted by so-called fans of the actor to make a protester speak in favor of their matinee idol. 

 Sterlite Protester threatened by Rajini fans!

Sterlite Protester threatened by Rajini fans!
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