AP Cabinet to take a call on bifurcation cases

4months ago -

The Andhra Pradesh Cabinet is meeting this evening and is likely to take a decision on the on-going case in the Supreme Court on implementation of the AP Reorganisation Act 2014 for the two Telugu States. Telangana Congress leader Ponguleti Sudhakar Reddy had filed a case in the apex court for implementation of the Act and the Central government had filed two affidavits so far claiming that all promises were fulfilled.

In the second affidavit, the Central government categorically stated that the implementation of the special category status to Andhra Pradesh was not possible because of the recommendations of the 14th Finance Commission. The Central government also claimed that it had offered special package to the State, which was also duly accepted by the State government.

The TDP leadership, which is now rejecting the package and asking for the special category status is likely to take a decision on whether to implead in the case with its claims for the special category status. The TDP says that the 14th Finance Commission had never recommended against giving special category status to the State. Chandrababu Naidu is likely to discuss these issues with the Cabinet colleagues and tell them what made him to accept the special package offer.

Though Chandrababu Naidu had initially accepted for the special package and gave up the claim for the special category status, he had to reverse his decision with the increasing pressure from the people and the issue becoming a sentimental one. The special category status had become the election issue with all parties taking it up and the people rallying around.

The increasing demand of the people for the special category status had made the TDP chief to drop the special package plan and go back to the special category status demand. He is likely to justify his stand on the issue and get the Cabinet approval for his next move.