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Tue, Jan 23, 2018 | Last Updated 5:31 pm IST

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Trabug Launches India's First Mobility Solution for the Inbound Travellers

Trabug Launches India's First Mobility Solution for the Inbound Travellers
Trabug Launches India's First Mobility Solution for the Inbound Travellers
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Created and maintained by a small team of tech professionals in the North Indian town of Panchkula, a suburb of Chandigarh, Trabug® provides foreign tourists with a smartphone powered by a 4G SIM card. The smartphone runs a customized version of the Android operating system and has been specially designed to cater to the needs of first-time travellers to India.

 Trabug Launches India

Trabug® phones have a special menu that provides tailored recommendations to visitors about restaurants, shopping centres, and places of interest, based on their current physical location. This allows tourists to make the most of their limited vacation time, without the hassle of having to scour dozens of web reviews and search results.


Other features include an option to get Indian rupees delivered to the visitor’s hotel, or to any other location convenient to him or her. Flexible voice and data plans also make it easy for travellers to stay within their budgets, and never have to worry about losing touch with friends, family, or fellow travellers. Topping up these plans is also extremely simple, and can be done with a simple touch of the screen.



Travellers to India are often caught unawares at the documentation and time required to get an Indian SIM card. Unlike the situation in many countries, where SIM cards can simply be bought off the shelf at any supermarket, Indian law mandates thorough documentation before the SIM can be handed over.


Original travel documents, multiple photocopies, and passport photos are all needed, and a minimum of 24 hours will elapse before the traveller gets his or her hands on a SIM card.


Trabug® takes the hassle out of this process, by allowing travellers to apply online for their Trabug® kits (inclusive of Indian SIM) before they have even boarded their flights to India. Trabug® does the rest, thereby ensuring that foreign travellers have access to a working phone the moment they arrive in India.


Once the traveller lands in India and receives the Trabug® kit, all he/she has to do is activate the SIM card, by following a very simple set of instructions.


Using Trabug® also ensures that visitors have a handset that works in India, as their own phones may be incompatible with Indian telecom and network standards.


Return to Sender

Returning a Trabug® kit to the company is also extremely simple. The user just needs to place the phone in a pre-supplied Trabug® box, leave it at their hotel reception or place of stay, and the company will have it collected.

Trabug Launches India's First Mobility Solution for the Inbound Travellers
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