Goodachari Telugu Movie Review, Rating

- 3/5
- 1 years ago [IST]
Goodachari Telugu Movie Review, Rating
రివ్యూ తెలుగులో

What Is Good

  • Adivi sesh
  • Screenplay with twists
  • Cinematography
  • BGM

What Is Bad

  • Shobita Dhulipala
  • Song placement


Young hero Adivi sesh who had impressed with movies like Ami Thumi, Panjaa, Balupu, besides with his scripting ability in Kshanam is back as a hero and screenwriter with the spy thriller Goodachari directed by Debutant Sashikiran Tikka. Here's team AP Herald's exclusive first on net Goodachari review. Gopi alias Arjun (Adivi sesh) is passionate about joining national security agency, inspired by his father who died for the nation, and grows with his uncle Satya (Prakashraj). After numerous attempts failing he joins team Trinetra of RAW, and begins gathering information about terrorists, and as he finds men behind terror attacks and killings, Sesh also gets to know what his true identity, and what happens next is what Goodachari is all about.

Star Performance

Adivi sesh is natural, and in a subtle character displaying emotions with ease and giving an underplay performance,  shines. Veteran Prakashraj is at his best and his role is tailor made and is a cakewalk for him. Vennela Kishore has the audience in splits. Shobita Dhulipala is hot, while Madhu Shalini and Supriya Yarlagadda are perfectly cast as they impress in their minor sequences. 

Techinical Team

Sricharan pakala's background score elevates action sequences well and of his songs Edho Edho passes the muster. Cinematography by Shaneil Deo is top notch capturing High octane Action sequences and grand visuals perfectly. Debutant director Shashikiran Tikka has opened his career with a spy thriller and has got able support from screenwriter Adivi sesh who has presented an interesting story yet again after Kshanam.


While the first half of Goodachari moves at a brisk pace establishing the characters, the interval and the second half move at an even rapid pace, with unexpected twists and With intriguing performances by Adivi sesh, Supriya Yarlagadda and Madhu Shalini,while Vennela Kishore too surprises. With pulsating BGM by Sricharan pakala and top notch cinematography by Shaneil Deo capturing the stunning action episodes, Goodachari is perfectly aided technically too, and director Shashikiran Tikka's gripping screenplay makes sure there's no dull moment and in Goodachari, making it a watchable entertainer.

Bottom Line:An interesting spy thriller, as Adivi sesh is a master writer and he impresses yet again after Kshanam.

Cast & Crew

3/5 [9090 Votes]